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(Interview) Fegefeuer Anilmathiel

Posted by Dylan Gallus on December 23, 2015 at 1:45 AM



The underground Atmospheric Black/Folk metal musician from "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel" has agreed for me to conduct an interview, delving in and preparing for the new year of new releases!

1. When/What inspired you to start composing music?


I don't remember it to be honest. I just began... Sorry for short answer but it is true!


2. What influences your music the most?

There was a time where my influences were metal but progressively I went more to instrumentals, and at the moment what most influences my music are soundtracks, but also classical and atmospheric black metal.


3. What are your favorite bands/albums?

Bands: Summoning, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Darkspace, Woods of Desolation, Rammstein, Eisbrecher, among others.

Modern composers: Howard Shore (my master of present times), John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, Patrick Doyle, Alexandre Desplat, David Bergeaud, among others.

Classic composers: Beethoven (my master of masters), Wagner, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi... what I most like is Romanticism but well, a bit of all.


4. How long/often do you practice your instruments/vocals?

I would like to spend more time on it. Currently bit-nothing, but in 2016 I will spend more time with it since I will record instruments.


5. Do you have difficulty balancing your musical projects with your personal life?

Past year yes. I remember I composed Elysium in 3 days (not joking: composed, wrote lyrics, produced, recorded voice... all). It was because I set the release date in june, in exam period. You can say "then put other date" but it was a norse related album and for them I had specific dates. For this one it was the Day of Sigurd the Volsung. So, if I wanted to do it well, I had to hurry. My plans for 2015 were many and I ended doing almost nothing. My plans for 2016, in great part, are the ones I couldn't do in 2015. But after this experience, I will have other way to organize myself. I ended other projects like Land of the Art, that consumed me a lot of time, for example. I think I have learnt from 2015. It definitely was a transition year in all aspects.


6. Have any plans on playing live on-stage?

I have no plans but I won't lie you: it would be cool to play live my orchestrated albums such as the ones of the Norse Era.


7. Do you have any tips for other aspiring musicians?

Do what you want without listening to people. I began with atmospheric black metal. The album The Mourning Woodlands liked to many people. I think that album has been the one I sold the most. Then I changed to other style with The Infinite Dreamlands, but still there was interest. I announced the coming back to black metal with The Forgotten Reamlands. Althought it wasn't the same as with Woodlands', it wasn't bad too. Then 2015 came and I began with the Norse Era in a completely different style: neoclassical. I know I have lost many followers. Talking about sellings, the Norse Era has been the worst of all, even worst than Trostlosigkeit. The album Elysium was a long time without being sold even one time. But I don't mind. I just do what I want, and I am happy with it. If any person that follow me think that is following a [insert genre] group, he/she is wrong. He/she is following a musician. And all musicians (or artists in general) should do this too. Well, at least in my opinion. There are no laws, you are free and you can do whatever you want. And that's why my musical project is catalogued as Atmospheric Ambient Symphonic Neoclassical Black Epic Folk Space Metal :D


8. Plan on participating in any "split" albums in the future?

Maybe, it depends of the person/genre/thematic. And to be honest, even so, I think that my participation would just be to add some cool things to an already composed sheet music. I am strange, yes, but when I compose originals I prefer to keep it for my project. I hope to not to sound egoist, but I won't lie. But as I says, maybe, it depends.


9. Do you have any plans for a side project?

Fegefeuer Anilmathiel is all my projects. I don't need any more and if I want other, I would just mix it with Fegefeuer Anilmathiel. Other genre more :D


10. How much improvement do you think you've made from your first album to now?

A lot. I even do not consider the Trostlosigkeit Era as "the beginning". I consider it as the roots, the prebeginning. Whatever. I began with simple songs based in harmonies and I ended with counterpoints (simple, but counterpoints!) in the Norse Era. In 2016 I plan to create more complex music. I hope to bring tears and strong emotions to listeners!


11. What are you most proud of regarding your newest album?

The fact that Hildr Valkyrie collaborated with me. Thanks to this I could experiment with female vocals and I can garantee you that it won't be the last time. It is the first time of many more.


12. What's your favorite song that you composed?

I can't answer this question. I can give you my favourite songs. I can't choose just one. From the Trostlosigkeit Era my favourites are Einsamkeit, Verderben and Nachtstern. Einsamkeit is very quiet, Verderben is caothic but also very cool and Nachtstern is special for me. About The Mourning Woodlands my favourite is with no doubts The Lonely Tree. I have been since the composing of that song with a sentence from the lyrics as state in my page (A hero must have to fall, not one not two, nor three). It will change in 2016. About The Infinite Dreamlands I would say all the album but taking a few, Ethereal Starfield, Rings of Saturn and The second light on the space, being this last one for me one of the best instrumentals I have made, if not the best. About The Forgotten Realmlands I would say Memories of Past Ages and For Death and Glory. About Divina Commedia I like Nel mezzo del camin di nostra vita... because it is special, it is the only track I have so. About Götterdämmerung my favourites are Odinsauga and Thrymskvida with no doubt. About Elysium I would say Helgakvida and Beren a Lúthien. And about Ragnarök my favourites are Baldrsdaudi and Ragnarök Hildr (yes, the bonus track, not the original!).


13. How did you come up with the name "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel"?

Back in a year I don't remember, maybe 2012 but don't trust me, I had a band. Well, a "band". We played Rammstein songs. I was the most serious talking about composing. At the end all the others left and I remained alone. In that time I did typical songs, with guitar, drums... very bad songs to be honest. But it was in that time, and by influence of Divine Comedy by Dante, that I put Fegefeuer to band's name. I liked that word. In the current name it hasn't any sense at all but everyone that knows me, they do it by Fegefeuer. Even my girlfriend, when I changed my fb name to Herthenarth, she said me that Fegefeuer was better, but Fegefeuer is not a name... it is not a nickname... I just don't know what it is. A cool word that means Purgatory in german. But well, I gave it the meaning that if the worlds of Dante's Divine Comedy would exist, I would go to Purgatory, since I am not bad person but I am not perfect. The word Anilmathiel came because I named Fegefeuer to my character in the mmorpg The Lord of the Rings Online, and there you can put a surname, and I thoght in to put the name of my girlfriend in elvish. It is not correct but I found Anilmathiel and I liked it, so I put that in the game. The first place that had the name Fegefeuer Anilmathiel in was that game, was my character there. With time, I really liked it, and I thought in to name my musical project so, Fegefeuer Anilmathiel. Currently I added Anilmathiel as a character in my book The Lays of Assiriand. She is an Aëlmé, and she is a reflect of my girlfriend. In that book I would be Herthenarth, just like in my fb profile. The name Anilmathiel in Aëlmin is something like this: Anilé means star, and iel is the female termination. Well, it is a name related with stars! I think it is clear now :)


14. Where do you come up with your stories surrounding each album?

Trostlosigkeit Era was a tale I invented about me looking for my girlfriend, that in real life lives far far away. The album was going to be named Nachtstern but I divided it in the end. I changed a bit the history due of this. Verloren is about the songs about searching. Trostlosigkeit is about the songs of feelings. Nachtstern is about the songs I directly talk about her. Then the Lands Era is about the, we can say, "world stages". Woodlands' is about nature. Dreamlands' is about space. Realmlands' is about human-kind or civilization. The thematic of space will come back in 2016 and will be with me forever. Norse Era is about well, norse things. Götterdämmerung is about legends of gods, and about the previous time to Ragnarök. Elysium is about legends of heroes, and there I also added something about Tolkien universe. I chose the word elysium because it is more "universal", not like heaven, for example. And Ragnarök, well, is about ragnarök. In 2016 my project will be united with The Lays of Assiriand so I will create tracks about the lore from Unir!


15. What are your thoughts of other bands that reside within the same genre as you do?

If we talk about Atmospheric Black Metal, they do the same. They talk about Tolkien always. This is because I thought in to create my own lore. Talking about neoclassical, they are not well-known, and they should.


16. What's the story behind the formation of "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel?"

I think I answered this with question 13.


17. What's your plans & goals for the future?

The main goal is the union between Fegefeuer Anilmathiel and The Lays of Assiriand. I have many surprises I won't reveal yet!


18. Are there any final comments you would like to add?


Just if you want to enjoy an epic travel through the worlds of Unir by my music come to my pages. I am sure you will enjoy! And thanks for the interview :)

Thanks so much for your time, I can't wait to hear what you have in store for us all in the near-future!


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Great interview!
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lordsofsorrow says...
Great interview!

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Nice, very well done!