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(Interview) Anorgasm

Posted by Dylan Gallus on December 11, 2016 at 12:20 PM



1. Introduce Yourself (Name, Location, Position, etc.)


Anorgasm bandung ujung berung



2. When & what inspired you to start composing music?


That already become my future goals



3. What band(s) influenced your music the most?


My influence disgorge,gorgasm, jasad,beheaded,disavowed,dismemberment torture etc



4. Which band(s)/album(s) are your favorite?


That all my favorite album sick



5. What are your favorite genres of music?





6. How long & often do you practice instrumentally?

I practice 1 a week


7. Do you have difficulty balancing your musical career with your personal life?

Yes, of course but i can


8. Have you ever played live in concert? If not, do you ever desire to?

No ,but ever desire to


9. Do you have any tips for other aspiring musicians?

Keep fucking struggle brother and keep stay death metal music


10. Are you involved in other musical projects/bands? If so, what were they?

No i don't involved project band


11. How much improvement do you think you've made from your first album up until your current compositions?

For improvement very much cause it must maximal and give impression nice to all metalhead in the world


12. Should we expect another album? If so, approximately how long until its release?

Yes, of course that secret hahaha


13. Which one of your songs are you most proud of?

resurrected the brutally the rapist


14. How did you come up with the name "Anorgasm?"

taken from my vocalist cause he has excess sex to woman but he's easy to ejaculation


15. How did you come up with the names & themes for each one of your albums?

We make the name or themes based all song title from anorgasm like sex murder,psychopath,atheism etc


16. Were there any events/circumstances from your childhood that either positively or negatively influenced your work?

Yes,Of course


17. What's the story behind the formation/creation of "Anorgasm?"

Full sex


18. Do your family & friends enjoy your music as “Anorgasm?”

Hahaha, for family NO but my friend enjoyed with my music


19. Where can we find your discography for sale/download?

Fuck download but must be buy original cd to lord of the sick ( russia ) or pieces record ( INA )


20. What are the plans & goals for "Anorgasm" in the future?

New material and new album


21. Are there any final comments you would like to add?

Must be excited for the future in playing death metal music motherfucker


*Thanks very much for your time & the opportunity to do this interview! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to hear more!*

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