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Are you a band/musician looking for a Record Label that provides free & simple sponsorship's, advertisement, a stepping-stone, connections, personalized profiles/pages, high-acceptance rate and much more? If so, Metal Mayhem HQ is the way to go! No matter how popular and talented your band is, all applications are considered & highly-likely to be accepted! Bands/Musicians work at their own pace, no time limit exists. This is definitely a great start for smaller bands looking for a label to stand by as well as making a name for themselves through Metal Mayhem HQ's copious amounts of promotional advertisements. In the near-future signed bands will have manufactured merchandise directly from Metal Mayhem HQ itself, may it be t-shirts, hoodies, physical CD/Cassettes albums, wristbands and a lot more, in which the band will receive a percentage of each sale. Exclusive professional band pages/profiles will be created for signed bands that are beautifully crafted with a sleek & brutal design will make it an even more effective & efficient way to spread the word of your music! Music will be monetized on both the website as well as on Youtube. Your duties are nearly non-existent due to the fact that Metal Mayhem HQ will cover nearly everything! Many more features will be integrated making it an even easier, versatile & innovative of promotion! All music is accepted from digital sources as well as physical copies! (Contact Information Down Below) Fill out the contact form below to apply
Thanks very much, I hope to work with you in the future!


- Promotional advertisement!
- Physical (Retail) and digital merchandise distribution
- High-acceptance rate that applies to both starting/beginning bands as well as highly renowned bands!
- Work at your own pace!
- An exclusive review right upon release!
- Engage in a community of other musicians & listeners alike!
- Special publicity events such as interviews, giveaways, contests & one-on-one communication!
- Very easy to set up and permanent advertisement even if you decide to leave the label!
- A great stepping stone & label to stand by for new unsigned/independent bands!
- No obligation whatsoever, you come when you want and you leave when you want!
- Strategize & learn new innovative marketing tactics to get your music known!
- Work one-on-one with the owner/founder of Metal Mayhem HQ directly!
- Receive a free & professional built band page/profile!
- Free sign-up & no fees of any kind!
- Consistently adding new features to make your experience even better!
- And much, much more!

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