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Absolute Darkness
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country/Location: USA
Formed In: 2016
Activity: 2016 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2016)
Album Duration: (00:39:15)
1. World in Disarray
2. Democratic Suicide
3. Betrayal
4. Barricaded In
5. On My Way To Death
6. H2 Oblivion
7. Truth is Dead
8. 2029



Absolute Darkness
Future Imperfect

With crushing riffs and John Tardy-esque vocals, the new release from San Francisco death/thrash maestros Absolute Darkness is a treat for the ears. I must confess that, prior to writing this review, I'd never listened to this band. However, I am nothing if not open-minded, so I decided to give their 2016 album a listen... And I'm glad I did! The opening track, 'World in Disarray', immediately got me pumped. It has that raw, evil, edgy feel that reminds me of the old-school death and thrash bands I was raised on. The record is consistently solid, and each track showcases the defining qualities of each subgenre respectively. Hearing this album is like reliving my adolescence, and thus rediscovering the energy, power and obliterating brutality of the music that would change my life forever. It truly reminds me why I fell in love with metal. 'Future Imperfect' is a real gem, a throwback to an era I once feared was lost in the modern age. So many bands have tried, and failed, to achieve that precise sound - that 'unmastered', raw quality. In my opinion, Absolute Darkness have hit the nail right on the head with this album. I am sure that this effort is guaranteed to earn them more followers, and I am proud to count myself amongst them. The record is a delight for any true metal head, particularly those of us who desperately seek a revival of old-school death and thrash amidst the ranks of more generic, mediocre bands who mostly sound the same. Fans of Vader, Obituary, Nuclear Assault, Toxic Holocaust, old Metallica and Hypocrisy etc. - prepare to bang your heads!

Reviewed By: Karen-Alicia Simons

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