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Fegefeuer Anilmathiel
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Country/Location: Spain
Formed In: 2010
Activity: 2010 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2014)
Track(s): (8)

Album Duration: (00:59:06)
1. The World is a Dream
2. Mists in the Twilight
3. Ethereal Starfield
 4. Nebula
5. Rings of Saturn
6. Edge of the World
7. The Inevitable Endless
8. The Second Light on the Space



Fegefeuer Anilmathiel
the Infinite Dreamlands

"Fegefeuer Anilmathiel" has once again released another brilliant album that I believe you all should check out! "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel" is an one-man band from Spain; lingering within the realms of invigorating Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal. " The Infinite Dreamlands" has definitely led the "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel" into a whole-new direction and I must say I love it!

Their previous musical lore focused more on a medieval, folk, fantasy universe, topics and that's where the twist comes in with "The Infinite Dreamlands" album. 

The current theme now focuses on a more astronomical ideology of existence, space and just the universe as a whole. The music really grasps onto those concepts and contorts them into something monumentally unique, beautiful, and yet so darkly eerie. It seems (Lyrically speaking) the Space-oriented side of Black Metal is dying out, but this album did its justice & revitalized that!

Eight-tracks reside on this album, lasting about an hour long, (59 minutes) in which I would say is definitely a considerable length for an album of any genre. Sometimes it feels as if the song itself drags on far too long, additionally increasing the feeling of tedium. Also, I felt a lack of pin-point specific melodies that would symbolize and/or idolize a band trademark. The worst thing about that is if you don't include that key factor & style, it can destroy the ability of 'standing-out' from other bands. Even with that though, the music is astounding!

Overall, I honestly believe that it's a phenomenal band! The dark, space, & ominous atmosphere that are given off is extraordinarily spectacular and can really hook you in. So content, so soothing, so beautiful. I'm not sure if I can say this new style of "Fegefeuer Anilmathiel" will be permanent, but I cannot wait to hear what's in store for the future!

Reviewed By: Dylan Gallus (Metal Mayhem HQ Owner/Operator)