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Furnace Born
Genre: Death Metal
Country/Location: USA
Formed In: 2012
Activity: 2012 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2016)
Album Duration: (00:16:19)
1. Furnace Born
2. The Infection
3. Dead Head
4. Mosaic Murder



Furnace Born

Furnace Born, interesting name.

First of all, I´m reviewing a demo of a “Work-In-Progress” here. They´re going to release “Orbituary” in near future, the recording process should start soon. Anyways, let´s get started. The first impression I had was very good. I was looking at a video from a gig they played somewhere in the US. There was no setlist or general info about the band/songs, so I wasn't really aware of what I'm listening to at all. The recording quality was rather poor (but there has yet to be found properly recorded "Amateur-Footage" from live gigs), yet I was instantly hooked by their opener. Well, as I mentioned before, not a single hint was given in terms of song names or similar stuff (even though they announced the following songs) so I asked for the setlist in the Youtube-Comments. The Uploader (actually the Guitarist, didn´t knew that at that time) was so friendly to share it. This way I got to know the name of the Opener: "Furnace Born".

The song is what I consider to be the best track on the demo. Fast and agressive guitars, interesting and diverse drumming and even progressive elements. This song convinced me to listen to their entire release. A good decision! The entire Demo is awesome, Death Metal without too much fuzz about influences or other things, kinda “pure” Death Metal with some progressive Elements.

The vocalist has a very good singing technique in my opinion. He doesn´t “muffle”, you can understand him very good and you don´t have to take a look at the lyrics before you fully can appreciate the song. The Solos they´ve written for the songs are great too! I caught myself listening to the Demo again and again just because I wanted to listen to these sweet solos. Seriously, they´re great. Another pearl you´ll find on the Demo is called ”Obituary”. The track is stellar! A sweet intro, great leads and that evil voice really create an amazing atmosphere. There´s a sweet breakdown towards the end of the song too, I kinda didn´t expect that and it only adds to the diversity of the songs, which is a great thing. “Mosaic Murder” is awesome as well, but what really stuck with me was that sweet riffing at the very end of the song. After the (FUCKING AWESOME) Solo, a bridge leads over into the Outro, and that Outro, guys… That Outro… I almost came when listening to it.

Furnace Born´s Demo is one of the best Demos I had the pleasure to listen to. Normally Demos are very unpolished, but this here sounds great already, so if they improve the record quality (and I´m sure they will), that record is going to be awesome. They punch their Death Metal straight into your face, without much gibberish around it. Straightforward, sticking to the roots, not overprocessed. So far they've done tremendous work, so I'm really stoked for their full length-release. Grab yourself some Furnace Born. It's worth it!

Reviewed By: Roland