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Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Country/Location: Canada
Formed In: 2009
Activity: 2009 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2015)
Album Duration: (00:32:12)
1. Syth
2. Nazon
3. Deamris
4. Azyr
5. Sarxas
6. Corloch
7. Nergion
8. Vordus
9. Xhadex




Haiduk is a one-man project from Calgary in Canada. The guy behind this is Luka Milojica. (I´m actually not sure where his surname origins from, but it sounds Slavic. Wasn´t able to find that out.) Doesn´t matter though. His latest release is called "Demonicon“ and as the name suggests, this album sounds evil as hell.

What really stuck with me here is the sound of the guitars. I´ve never heard something similar before. They´re high-pitched, fast, rhythmic, aggressive. They kinda remind me of the old-school sidescrollers I used to play. They have a particular sound that is very hard to describe. The music is a blend of Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal and Thrash (yes, you´ve read correctly). The Thrash Metal is really standing out here. In my opinion this blends together really good, there aren´t many blackened Thrash Metal bands out there. The vocals add a unique note into that record. It is really hard to find something to compare this band with.

As I said before, I´ve never heard about a band that even comes close to the sound of Haiduk. Take the groovy sound of "Rings of Saturn“, add some fast riffing a la "Insomnium“, throw in some "Anthrax“and some black, atmospheric Metal like "Eldamar“ and you get something that sounds remotely close to Haiduk. The fast riffing stays throughout the entire album, yet they all sound different. There are certain similarities, leading the listener into an atmospheric adventure. The cover-art of "Demonicon" is top-notch. I´m still amazed about the detail in it. To all the ongoing Death and Black Metal bands out there: This is how you do it. This is the way it has to look like. Forget about another gory, "Cannibal Corpse" inspired cover. You´re NOT Cannibal Corpse. Go with something better. Like Haiduk did it. The vocals seem to be raw at first, but notice one thing: They´re hardly edited at all. They´re not fake, the sound is as real as it gets. Luka managed to create an unholy sound without "faking". His vocals really add to the atmosphere of the album. This isn´t something the dude around the next corner can do. You actually have to train to sound like that. These growls kinda unleash the demons upon you, it´s like they´re telling you their story, you kinda embrace the dark pits they´re coming from.

I really recommend this album to everyone who listens to Black Metal or Death Metal, because I´m still stunned about how a single person is able to pull this off. What I really love is the Thrash Metal influence. There isn´t really something similar out there, Haiduk is as unique and refreshing as it gets.

Reviewed By: Roland