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Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal
Label: Mnemosyne
Country/Location: Norway
Formed In: 2005
Activity: 2005 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2012)
Track(s): (9)
Album Duration: (00:52:31)
1. Arrival
2. The Paranoid
3. Introspection
4. The Eagle and the Snake
5. Catharsis
6. Something Out There
7. Grief
8. The Grave
9. Departure




The album starts out with some slightly eerie sampling, not knowing what would be going on the first time I heard the album, after blindly ordering it when I found out it would be released the next day, builds what feels like heavy, and I do mean heavy, sorrow upon the writer (or the character within the story?).  The notey chaotic riffing that starts the song off has a sense of nervousness to it, and the howls of Ihsahns vocals add to the unnervingness of the mood of the track, almost schizophrenic in origin. Adding a little bit of backing vocals to the verses adds great depth to the songwriting and can be found throughout the entire album, and executed almost flawlessly. Then the first catchy, melancholic, chorus of the album hits you right in the face, like someone telling you for the first time that a love one had died, but you can' t help but sing along. As dark as that may seem, it's just too amazingly performed by Ihsahn, melting your face off with beauty and black metal vocals the metal giant is known for, sawing through the cleans with grace. The rest of the tracks do almost exactly that, but vary between progressive shred fests and slow to mid tempo progressive rock. The tracks that are slower, are some of the best on the album, if not the best. Why? because they build so well, that this album hopefully will withstand the test of time due to it's amazing songwriting. 

However this is where the album could lose some people as well. The songs ARE amazing, but they are progressive, they are sporadic, and at first listen if you aren't used to a progressive or very jazz influenced mix of vocals, instruments, and mixed drum tones, you may not fall in love with the songs like I do. It all boils down to if the listener will want to sit and let the sounds of the album soak into the skin, and start to really settle in. The minute nuances here and there, are in every song, and you will hear a new sound every time you listen to each track. Either it be a third or even fourth vocal track, a random orchestra instruments, saxophone, demonic howl, whammy bar drop, it will slowly begin to amaze you how much time and effort was put into making the songs as best as possible. So take it how it is, either you will dig the album first go, or you will hate it, or even the third option, you will be intrigued but may not like it at first and will have to let the songs play through a few times before you begin to enjoy it. It is a great album for anybody who likes progressive rock, but wants an album with a more extreme touch, with lots of sad, sorrow inducing, yet catchy melodic hooks.

Reviewed By: James Ninnemann (User: Major Jimner)

"Embrace the pain of this profound affliction And yearn the sting, the serpent's tranquil kiss"

 (Ihsahn - The Eagle and the Snake)