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Lurking Sorrow
Genre: Atmospheric DSBM
Country/Location: International
Formed In: 2017
Activity: 2017 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2017)
Album Duration: (00:44:32)
1. Day of My Demise
2. Eternal Darkness
3. Eternal Darkness (Instrumental)
4. Day of My Demise (Instrumental)



Lurking Sorrow
Lurking Sorrow

At first glance, to the untrained ear, I suppose Lurking Sorrow’s self-titled album could easily be labelled as ‘just another black metal band’. But delve beneath the surface, and you’ll see that it is much more than a generic clone!

This subgenre isn’t usually my preference, but I decided to keep an open mind while listening to this album… And I’m really glad that I did!

The brainchild of fellow reviewer Dylan Gallus and Juliette Ringsrud, this music really deserves a subgenre of its own. With eerie, menacing undertones and a rawness reminiscent of old school black metal, it is sure to whet the appetites of diehard fans; but listen long enough, and you’ll notice a few extras thrown in.

‘Lurking Sorrow’ somehow manages to deliver a heavier and more melodic sound, whilst still retaining a solid core of ABM (atmospheric black metal). In my personal favourite track, ‘Eternal Darkness’, Gallus’ deep guttural vocals combined with Ringsrud’s slow-‘n’-heavy riffs almost possess a doom metal quality.

Dark, depressing and undeniably heavy, the crushing weight of this album fills the listener with hopelessness and despair. While this may not sound like a positive review, this is a big plus for me – I like music to evoke my emotions. Music is there to be felt, not only listened to! 

Although as I stated earlier I am not usually a big black metal fan, I can see a lot of potential in this band. I particularly like how the album (which sadly consists of only 4 tracks) includes instrumental versions of the songs. This, I feel, helps skeptics such as myself to better appreciate Lurking Sorrow’s musical prowess and message.

This album contains just enough edge to keep diehard fans happy, yet it also provides an added sprinkle of something a little different to keep the rest of us intrigued. 

I would definitely recommend this record for those who relish in melancholy and misery – it is a beautiful but heart wrenching journey into blissful oblivion.

So come on, folks – put on your corpse paint, and take a slow descent into the abyss! I promise it will be an experience to remember!

I for one am looking forward to future releases.

Reviewed By: Karen-Alicia Simons

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