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Genre: Progressive 
Thrash/Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Country/Location: Netherlands
Formed In: 1986
Activity: 1986 - 1994, 2008 - 2014
Status: Standby
Year: (1989)
Track(s): (10)
Album Duration: (00:36:57)
1. Dehydrated
2. The Process of Suffocation
3. Suspended Animation
4. The Trauma
5. Chronic Infection
6. Out of the Body
7. Echoes of Death
8. Deify Thy Master
9. Proliferous Souls
10. Reduced to Ashes



Consuming Impulse

First thing I thought when I listened to the record was it had the old school death metal feel, mixed with thrash metal. With it being released in 1989, I can tell that they were right up there with Death, Obituary and the rest of the bands who really kicked off the death metal scene. This band had this sound and was oceans away from the Netherlands. The record really feels like it should of been recorded by Scott Burns in Florida right after deicide and Cannibal Corpse got done with their studio time. But it has it's own uniqueness to it as well, the songs remain very catchy in a thrash metal tone, have the early death metal vocal or a very deep harsh thrash vocal even at times, then go into very complex and technical song structures that aren't boring by even todays standards. Having been born after this era of music was new and is now regarded as classic material, it still has it's weight. The riffs and grooves make you want to headbang, and more often than that, they want you to make the most massive circle pit with everyone in a 5 mile radius until the world is thrown off it's axis from the force of everyone moshing uncontrollably. I would recommend this to anyone who has a very strong liking of thrash or death as I stated earlier, and will probably open up some new listeners to a very technical and complex style of metal songwriting that has stood the test of time, for obvious reason. Fast, heavy and metal, you can't go wrong with Consuming Impulse.

Reviewed By: James Ninnemann (User: Major Jimner)