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Genre: Post-Black Metal
Country/Location: Poland
Formed In: 2014
Activity: 2014 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2017)
Album Duration: (00:50:00)
1. In Nomine Pestis
2. Infected I
3. Infected II
4. Beneath the Light




You know those songs where you hear thirty seconds of it and you know there is something special here? Let me introduce you to…. ROSK

A band that delivers a very story driven album full of gloomy twists and turns with constant changes in intensity. If you can make it through one song without wanting to bang you head we should talk. This behemoth transcends genres and just jams.  Love it when bands do this, it truly makes for great music and artistic expression.  Delivering a wall of sound with chugging guitars, well timed drumming and vocals that drive it home. Overall Miasma maintains a very dark tone that is certain to take one for adventure if they allow. The constant change in intensity really drives home the narrative as explained in the interview below.  For this being their first album; the mastery in instrumentation and vocals shown would lead to believe these are veterans. The engineering is really well done. Everything is balanced, nothing drowned out. Hats off to Haldor Grundberg at Satanic Audio for mixing and mastering….enough of my hot air onto ROSK!

Reviewed By: Lord Ocean