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Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Denmark
Formed In: 2009
Activity: 2009 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2012)
Album Duration: (00:46:43)
1. Bortgang
2. Øde Lagt
3. Shades In My Sleep
4. Half A God




My visions....they wander with this album. The beginning song Bortgang sets the melancholy. The brutality begins to set it. The double bass feel as if you are being constantly struck in the sides as the guitars create the feeling of endless falling. Ole's vocals laid across the top of that are done beautifully. They are not done so in a way that takes away from the melody or the atmosphere that it has created. This song really takes you on a journey. When the rains begin and I hear the crack of the lightning, a sense of relief arrives. "This is my home - I know."
I like the intro on Øde Lagt. I have always found gusts of wind relaxing. I also appreciate how for the initial few minutes of the song it maintains a heavy flow of tunes in contrast to the closing of Bortgang. This song will also take you into the doom spectrum. Which they execute flawlessly.  As the song continues you hear the trademark blackmetal beat… all I can focus on is the crashing of the symbol. Like waves crashing onto the rocks until the vocals come back in. The outro of the song is comfortable. A nice genuine melody with the effects of rain and a storm overlaid on top. A fine closing to a very enjoyable song.
Dødemandsbjerget showcases so much to me. It doesn’t go heavy into the atmosphere or the black metal side. It maintains a constant almost doom-like assault on my ear curtains. Also the shortest song on the album unfortunately…

…and in closing we have Skyggeriget. What starts out as a beautiful acoustic piece abruptly changes into that snare smashing into your head along with the growls. You will be assaulted till about the midway point where again, they show how great they are at doom. Which only lends to their ability to create a fucking sick atmosphere for black metal.
In closing, this is one the few bands where I purchased the LP after one listen. This is an album that can definitely be played on repeat. As for my words up there….
I am artist, not a writer.

Keep spreading the sickness! \m/

Reviewed By: Lord Ocean