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Genre: Death Metal
Country/Location: Greece
Formed In: 2003
Activity: 2003 - Present
Status: Active
Year: (2015)
Album Duration: (00:45:29)
1. Ungodly Wonders
2. The Vocationist
3. Shades In My Sleep
4. Half A God
5. A Raving Lamentation
6. Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom
7. Spread of Pestilence
8. A Stranded Figure Painted Pus
9. Zero Omnipotence
10. Terror Polarity
11. Inheritance of Implous Doctrines



Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom

Preach the word! The mighty "Vermingod" have descended from their realm and blessed us with their latest creation called "Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom". This divine album is filled with mind-blasting tracks, which will leave you stunned. Let me get this straight: The Greeks probably made the best Technical Death release I've heard since “Dingir” by “Rings of Saturn”, and I'm not even exaggerating here. Let´s take the song “A Raving Lamentation” as an example. The longer you listen to it, the more you realize that these guys are extremely good musicians. Do you know the sort of band who throws out technical play and thinks that people will buy a record that sounds like something they came up with during a few sessions? “Vermingod” are not like that. You can hear the passion they´ve put into their work. What I liked the most is that their creativity goes hand in hand with their awesome instrumental work. Especially the Drummer, guys: Hardly anyone knows how tough it is for a Drummer to keep up with his band without sounding boring at the same time. The reason behind this is the problem every drummer has to deal with: the Guitarists' play-style. The more technical they play, the harder it is for a drummer to keep afloat. This Drummer here does an excellent job here. But of course, every member in this band nailed it. In my opinion, the Bass should have more impact, sometimes the bassline fades, drowns in the mix, but this is probably just a personal flaw. I hear some influences of other genres as well, Slam for example (“Half A God”), even Black Metal
(“Inheritance Of Impious Doctrines”).

I want to mention something though, that is very important for me. Melody! Melody is something lots of Death Metal bands lack nowadays. Sure, technical play is important, Tech-Death needs to be like that, but in my opinion the albums of bands tend to get weary. Melodic parts offer the possibility to rest the ears and mind. I can´t appreciate technical play on the whole, if I´m not able to listen to it with 100% of my mind. Sometimes it is just too much. This is where I want to mention the song “Spread of Pestilence”. Fast, technical play, great stuff. But then, this slower, melodic part passing into the last third of the song. Simply stunning. Perfect. PERFECT. (If the band ever reads this: Pay the guy, who came up with this idea, a beer. He deserves it.) If they´d reduce the speed more often, that would make the album so much better to listen to. They did that already by adding “Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom” into the middle of the album. It is a sweet little instrumental fitting in perfectly. Actually this here is unjustified criticism anyways, because I´m pretty sure that lots of listeners aren't bothered by that.

This album is the best Tech-Death Release I've heard for a long time. “Vermingod” managed to blend melodic and technical play together to create an awesome sounding album. So, if you´re searching for something new to listen to, search no longer. It doesn't matter if you´re new to the Genre or if you´re a veteran. For me, “Vermingod” currently are the pinnacle of Tech-Death. They've beaten “Lugal Ki En” by “Rings Of Saturn”, they've beaten "Fleshgod Apocalypse"… For me they are at par with the latest “The Black Dahlia Murder“ release “Abysmal”, even though this is hard to compare. Do yourself a favor and buy the album. Hardly have I enjoyed listening to an entire album with so much pleasure. You get great music and you´re supporting a band who has the potential to get the next big thing in the Death Metal genre. It is hard enough for bands to get known. These guys deserve it!

Reviewed By: Roland